About Us

Monster Cleaning Teddington was established almost 10 years ago offering domestic cleaning on a weekly or fortnightly basis. However, we started receiving requests for specific services, which better fit the unique needs of our customers. We realised that the best service for one property is not the best for another and we need to be more flexible in order to meet all our customers’ needs and expectations. This is what motivated us to expand the range of our services and to treat each property differently.

Our cleaners and cleaning techniques have also changed during the years.

The number of our cleaners has grown rapidly. We include in our team only friendly, positive, respectful, trustworthy people who are motivated to work in a professional and highly efficient manner. Our cleaners understand the importance of keeping a clean and professional atmosphere and are experienced enough to tackle even the hardest cleaning jobs. Each member of our cleaning team is police checked and fully insured. A lot of our customers prefer to have their homes cleaned and tidied while they are out of the property. Building a relationship of loyalty and thrust is of high importance for us and we consider every returning customer a family.

At Monster Cleaning Teddington we know that a powerful clean is important, but we always put safety first. More importantly, in the last few years we started a go-green policy, which has made us a lot more conscious about the environmental issues on our planet. This is why all cleaning detergents and solutions that we use are eco-friendly, non-toxic but powerful enough to fight stains and dirt. The health of your family, children, pets is safe with us, because all cleaning materials that we use are proven to be harmless and to leave no toxic fumes behind.

We also believe in being there for you exactly when you need us.

Our main goal is shortening your to-do list and give you more time for the important things so we will be happy to work around your schedule. We try to be as flexible as possible and this is why we work seven days a week, including on bank holidays. Our customer care representatives are expecting calls 24/7 and you can always rely on us to accommodate you even in a short notice.

We are committed to providing the most thorough cleaning in the area and we proud ourselves on a 100% satisfaction rate. At Monster Cleaning Teddington we value the opinion of each customer and take every feedback into consideration. As we try to not only meet your expectations, but also exceed them, we try to improve our services with every cleaning we perform.

Even though we started off as a small company, providing domestic cleaning, we have gained a lot of experience during the last years and have increased the numbers of our services drastically. We work in close relations with several real estate agencies and landlords and have added office cleaning to our services.